Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Water overflowing off a pristine white bathtub

a strong scent of lavender flooding the red

walls of the room

Life overflowing off

a bubbly little boy of ten

chattering and giggling

sand flowing inside the hourglass

sounding soundless

A train stands still

I look outside the window

a mesmerizing meadow

Joy overflowing off it

Me, I’m still

The heart feels
Dull and discoloured
as if feelings have been swept away by chatter, noise, and filth
The pallid, grey sky
Witness to the mundane
Shrieking machinery
Then out of the muddy waters
Blossoms a fresh Lotus
We smile, we dance
It’s pouring
But for how long?



Abbey is a wordsmith, poet, and freelance writer. He spends most of his time swimming in a sea of words and prefers staying oblivious to everything else.